Jan Van Gold Jan Van Gold 

As a classically trained creatrix, Jan’s multifarious music generates atmosphere in any genre.  Channeling feelings into rhythm, thoughts into lyrics, soul into song, the music embody’s all and can be adapted to every occasion.

“The music I channel is an authentic reflection, inspired by life events, conveying a wide array of emotion.” Jan Van Gold

The music Jan writes translates acoustically, instrumentally or electrified. Some recent projects of Jan’s include an Alt Rock group with the Stanway Brothers rhythm section called The Jan Van Gold Band and a duo with Hunter Stanway called PolySonic Tonic, playing electric and acoustic instruments with live loops . Jan has two solo projects, as the instrumentalist JVG Experience and of course her singer-songwriter persona, Jan E B Heart.

Jan is currently being represented by Recording Artist Guild of Los Angeles.

“grab the world by the tail and hang on for the sour sweet time of your life, guaranteed to be some lessons, as we strive to be freelings.”    – Jan Van Gold

“She is a remarkable, unique talent.”    – BC Musician Magazine, March/April 2011

“Most bands can carry a tune-but few can carry a groove that feasts ears with original riffs filled with flash forward deja funk innuendo. Jan’s band has a pulse”   – Bub Patience – President, Kaslo Jazz Etc. Society

“She continues to explore different sonic possibilities for the guitar. Watch for her!”  – BC Musician Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2011

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all photos by Christine Sunbeam

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